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Why TimeFlex?

TimeFlex is a young company focused on the design and development of high technology products and solutions for the Global Market. TimeFlex has spent considerable time researching advanced technologies for building Internet enabled products and solutions using the latest in Electronics.

The company defines its core strength as the ability to develop cost effective solutions for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) market. It achieves this by harnessing the strengths of Design, Prototyping, Sourcing, Development & Manufacturing acquired over 35 years.
Over the past few years, the company has developed technology solutions for large corporations such as :

➢ Target Retail (USA) – a fortune 50 company
➢ Lowes Retail (USA) – a fortune 75 company
➢ URSC (formerly ISRO) – India’s premier Space Research Organization
➢ Embassy Group - India’s largest Real Estate Development Company
➢ WeWork (USA)
➢ Four Seasons Hotels (CAN)
➢ Transics (Belgium) – Largest Fleet Management company in Europe

Solutions developed for these clients range from Fire Evacuation Audio control systems to Digital Signage, 3D Scanning systems, Vision Guided Robotics, Micro Environment monitoring for retail stores and Driver information system with Telematics for Trucks.

TimeFlex recently opened its Singapore office (TimeFlex Pte Ltd.). With this office, TimeFlex is better equipped to cater to customers in different parts of the world and to be able to expedite logistics for parts & finished goods

TimeFlex has extensive contacts and has worked with factories in China, Taiwan, Thailand & India for Circuit Board Assembly & Mechanical tooling. Based on customer requirement, we can manufacture the finished goods at any of these locations to achieve the best price performance ratio.

TimeFlex is driven with passion by its 53-year-old founder and Chief Inventor, Mr. Raj Kumar, who has been actively involved in designing products spanning various domains in electronics for the past 35 years.


TimeFlex defines its mission thus `to meet the exciting challenges of today’s information savvy marketplace with innovative and cost-effective solutions’


Raj Kumar

Founder & Chief Inventor

Raj Kumar is an Electronics Engineer with a keen penchant for the design and development of sophisticated electronic systems with over 35 years of experience. Having run multiple start-ups in different technology domains, he has acquired a wide knowledge base that helps him configure solutions for Industry requirements quickly.

Swati photo.jpg

Swati Kumar


Swati started running her business, dealing with the Government at an early age and with it she brings to TimeFlex her experience in running the Operations and Financial management to work with multiple projects and large international customers.

Some of our CLIENTS

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