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TimeFlex undertakes product engineering & consulting services. Our development center based in Bangalore, India is fully equipped to cater to the development of embedded electronics, firmware and application software. We are a one-stop-shop handling all aspects of design from concept design thru prototyping, production and life cycle management.

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Product Re-engineering

Product Re-engineering focuses on modification of an existing product, sometimes through reverse engineering. The objective of re-engineering a product is to optimize its performance by adding new functionalities and taking advantage of emerging technologies

IoT Product Development

Complex IoT solutions require more attention to product design details. 
Common mistakes companies make when they embark on an IoT product design project can delay or even cripple implementation.


Industrial automation

Industrial automation takes a step further mechanization that uses a particular machinery mechanism aided human operators for performing a task. Mechanization is the manual operation of a task using powered machinery that depends on human decision making.



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